Our strength comes from working and campaigning together to get our voice heard and actions done on a variety of subjects, and with our joint efforts we will create the frame work by which reaching our goals will be a reality, supported by a clear and timely agenda as follows:

- Maintain and develop good relations with the MOT and all government officials as to secure and improve the employees’ terms and conditions in the upcoming contractual agreements.

- Maintain and develop good relations with the operators’ management for the security and well being of all members.

- Forming committees by all members to lead and follow up on all raised social, legal and problematic issues with the concerned officials.

- Strengthen the solidarity, trust and transparent communication between all syndicate members through sincere commitment to a common and timely action plan that ensure fair and optimized conditions for all employees.

- Assure various gatherings and general assemblies as to pave the way for better social and security plans based on your ideas.

As we offer our full strength and dedications, counting again on your solidarity and efforts to overcome all future difficulties and obstacles for the benefit of all.

Meet Syndicate's Family 

We've been asked to pause for a reality check. We need change. This is our time. Yes, we can seize our future.